My vision board came true! “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. ”

Several years ago, when the movie “The Secret” was in full swing and I was taking my first steps out of religion to enter the path of spirituality, I used for a long time many “vision boards” where I use to put the images and affirmations of what I wanted to experience. Many of these imagines spoke of a life free from the modern slavery and where I would travel to the most beautiful places in the world. In my vision board, there was a lot of images of beaches and people relaxing by the sea, in front of them, a breath-taking view!

As I continued in my spiritual walk, I searched for deeper truth and that’s how I grew out of the Law of attraction. I took the decision not to fall into the ego’s trap of using my mind to materialize what I thought would bring me happiness. I did not want to use the power of my mind to reinforce the illusions by seeking for the things of this world, cars, villas, money, etc. I understood that what I wanted to achieve through these things was the experience of pure joy and peace that I was longing for.

In this spiritual walk, I had understood, though only intellectually at first, that in creating me, God had given me peace and joy and that those characteristics were IN me and since they were IN me (inside), it was therefore foolish to look for them outside in the form of money, villas and cars. I did not want to fall into the ego’s trap which is “seek but do not find. ”

I then stopped everything! No more vision board. No affirmation for the vanity of the genre “my body becomes sexier every day. Money comes to me effortlessly. ” I replaced these worldly affirmations with true forgiveness. I began to forgive my hateful thoughts, my loveless actions as well as those from my relationships, I took the entire responsibility of the horrors that my mind projects into my world and asked the Holy Spirit to heal my spirit. I no longer asked for a perfect life as the world defines it. I asked for God’s will for my life. I asked to serve but first to be purified enough so that the Holy Spirit could sufficiently be reflected through me. At some point in my life, I had come to accept that if God’s Will for me was that I live a life considered unsuccessful as the world sees it, then so be It; may His Will be done!

The years passed. Today, December 25, 2017, as I gazed at the endless landscape in front of me, the memory of my vision boards came back to my mind! I realized that Life had not only provided financially but it had also given me the gift of freedom of constraints of modern slavery in the form of a 3 months vacations which involve visiting the very places that made me dream years ago! The very same landscapes of the images on my vision boards. I had forgotten them but Life did not. It remembered for me. I could not believe it! What a nice present on this Christmas day. People were celebrating the birth of Jesus while I, amazed and grateful, I was celebrating the proof of a spiritual truth manifesting itself under my eyes because more than ever I was seeing the validity of this word: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. ”

Holy Spirit, more than ever:
“I choose the second place to gain the first.”
“I will step back and let Him lead the way.
For I would walk along the road to Him”
God’s will for me is perfect happiness.


Graciously Yours,
Grace 🙂

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