Are you spiritually dishonest?

What I find challenging for me as a writer sharing about my inner world and emotional suffering, it’s not that people will see that I don’t have a perfect & happy life. No!
Because we are One, we know each other, and the reactions of most people can be predictable. What I find challenging then, are the punches that I, by experience, know will come in the form of all these people who transform themselves into “spiritual teachers” and comment my articles or posts using spiritual platitudes which are not even what they’ve experienced at a personal level.

I call it “spiritual dishonesty”! But it’s not only dishonest but it’s also a form of spiritual cruelty. It’s trampling on someone who is lying on the ground. It’s punching the person with bible verses or spiritual theories they haven’t yet integrate into themselves. It’s always easier to preach to others; it makes us feel good about ourselves…

The reason why it takes a lot of courage and strength to show oneself just as you are is because it feels like going against the stream, in a world where we hide from each other, pretending we have it all… It is so incomprehensible! It’s so insane, especially when you clearly know that what we have in common is our Human suffering!

You read that? What YOU, yes you, have in common with me, this depressed woman trying to heal her mind, is our Human Suffering! Emotionally, psychologically or physical suffering! We also have in common our Human happiness but it’s not yet our common experience and it’s only potentially in us. Human happiness is a potential in us but is not yet our common experience because very few in this world have reached a point of constant happiness which is unshaken by circumstances. Just undisturbed, pure Joy & Peace coming from the connection with our True Nature as God created us. Very few!

Where the spiritual dishonesty comes in, is when the vast majority, who haven’t attained that peaceful state of mind pretends it is so! The way they do it is by not speaking about it, not acknowledge it in themselves, by suppressing the pain, by engaging into distractions and buying stuff they think will make them fell peaceful. Or in the case of this article, by shouting at someone like me who reminds them of the inner suffering they’re not dealing with.

Next time I or someone who has taken the unpopular choice to see their inner suffering, working in correcting it and has recognized that same suffering in all fellow Humans Brothers and share it with them so that together they could raise above it. When you come across such a person or a post in social medias, before you start commenting and channeling your inner “spiritual master”, ask yourself:

  • Am I spiritually honest right now?
  • Do I practice what I am preaching right now or do I just wish I did?
  • Is this something I’m working towards and am I being honest about where I stand in the process or am I pretending it’s something already accomplished in me?
  • Do I live or have I experienced this advice I am giving now?
    You see, it all comes to being humble and honest about one’s inner knowing.

It takes a deep willingness and a complete commitment for a change than to show oneself “unpainted” and knowing, because predictable, that the “punishment” and the reaction coming from those who choose to cover their eyes might be painful.
It takes a total trust to God and a hopeful patience towards the natural healing process of Life than to stand unhidden when other people cover themselves with all kinds of stuff. To put it in a more personal tone, it takes a lot to stand uncover when people like you are not courageous enough to work with their own shit! If you were working with it, you would be humble enough, having a glimpse of understanding of the tremendous dynamic that sustains this human suffering! If you were working with it, you would be grateful for each Brother lending you a hand to hold – in the form of their openness, so that, together, we could reach Home faster!

My task is not to change those who feel disturbed by my bringing up of our Human shit. It was already there! I am just uncovering it! My task is not to change those who choose to shoot at me when I’m lying on the ground. I choose compassion for myself and for them. Oneness.
It hurts because my mind is not yet completely healed otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about the pain that comes from the comments written by “unhealed spiritual masters”. Those who hurt others, it’s because they are suffering themselves. And only an unhealed mind can hurt and can suffer. Compassion for our Human suffering. May our minds be healed!

I would like to end with a post written on Facebook by my friend Mike:
“I find it very interesting how others will come onto someone’s post and argue with their view or experience. Telling them that it is all bullshit and they are living in some delusion and there is no way it can be a certain way. They project their jaded perception onto everybody else as if, because they have had that experience, it HAS to be that way for everyone. Talk about arrogance and insecurity. That is what the vast majority of humanity is doing, projecting their shit out onto others. If I am a thief, so are you. If I am deluding myself, so are you. If I am unconditional Love, so are you. This is simply how it works. We do what we do till we don’t, or until the suffering gets so intense we are willing to take another view  ” – Mike

Graciously yours,
Grace 🙂



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  1. We are always doing our best, everybody, all the time. So even when I read what some of God’s teachers are writing and wounder if we really are reading the same book I try to learn something from it. We have the same teacher, Holy Spirit is with them too and I don’t need to judge. And then I try to feel the bad feeling, allow it to come up and be happy for another chance to get rid of fear. My brother is my ticket to heaven. Good writing Grace.

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